21 June, 2010

20 June - Contemporary Architecture in Galisteo

LAUNCHPROJECTS - Last I had dinner in Galisteo, New Mexico with John and Tanya Young. Just past the ranch and home of Bruce Nauman and Susan Rothenberg we arrived at an enormous and elaborate architectural construction site - John and Tanya's home.

John is a British architect best known for his architectural collaboration with Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers for the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Last night was an opportunity to tour his construction site and listen first-hand to a brilliant and animated architect building his personal opus, now over a decade in construction. With stunning views (interrupted only by Tom Ford's ranch) and perfectly appointed interior spaces, it was a night spent in the mind and vision of a truly world-class architect.


  1. Today, Dec. 8, 2015, on the way back to Santa Fe via Galisteo, to my right on a rise of land near the road, my eyes notice two massive, structures -- streamlined, geometric earthen colored parallel porticos that seemed to start from nowhere and end . . . where. I talked with a local man who told me of architect John Young . . . and google has brought me more information. The structures, situated close by to weathered, worn and antique cemetery rock walls and dirt lanes, are truly stunning. Arthur Panaro

    1. I had the privilege to stroll along the portals/colonnade. The feel was more that of a temple than a hacienda. Perhaps it is intended as a space for art, music, conversation.

    2. 10/15/17 In Galisteo today for studio tour. Walked to the incredible stone walls of the antique grave yard. Turned to my left for perspective view of John Young's portal-colonnade. Remarkable structure. Idiosyncratic. Bravo John Young.


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