04 December, 2010


LAUNCHPROJECTS - This Thursday marks the opening of our exhibition The Rapture Project by Jennifer Joseph and Chris Collins. The Rapture Project features a site-specific swarm of 1000 lead bullets gilded with 23K gold leaf and “Bullet Halo” drawings, large sheets of paper shot with different caliber weaponry and then gold-leafed around their wounds.

Meticulous repetition, danger, and beauty are themes that have threaded throughout Joseph's work for the decade we have worked together. Past installations of acupuncture needles, straight pins, Swarovski crystals, and spray foam were clustered, threaded, and suspended into organic yet entirely spectral environments. Sculptor Chris Collins' extensive metal casting and foundry experience in addition to a long history with firearms brings to this project a mastery of material and process. In their first large-scale collaboration, The Rapture Project presents a dichotomy between the violence of weaponry and the visceral, shimmering lure of treasure. Desire and danger, gold and guns.

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